Is The Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

I would guess that many people in the world are of two mindsets – the glass is half full, or the glass is half empty.  The half empty people focus on the things that they are missing in life, and quite honestly what they don’t have. They’re mired in how bad things are and trapped in a should have, could have, but didn’t way of thinking.  How awful would it be to spend your time thinking about the open capacity of the glass rather than the water in it.

This type of thinking leads me to believe that your conversations and interactions would tend to be on the negative side.  And we all know that misery loves company when it wants to be happy.  So for one to be happy, you would need to surround your self with other half glass empty people.  Because I’m sure they just revel in hearing that negative talk.

Now the glass half full people are generally of a positive mindset.  They are pleasant to be around because they always bring something positive to the party.  Since their focus is on the filled part rather than the open capacity of the glass, they spend their time quenching their thirst with what they have.  They are positive magnets that attract people, and that others truly enjoy sharing time with.

Guess who doesn’t like them – correct, the glass half empty people.  Neither of the two can coexist in a fruitful relationship because neither has tolerance for the other.   When one focuses on sharing why this is bad, and the other focuses on why this is good…that conversation won’t last long.  Not to mention those types of relationships let alone conversations can be draining to them both.

Oh did I forget to mention the third mindset? That’s the one that only focuses on where do I get more water if the full half does not quench my thirst.  These are the innovators and leaders of the world.  And guess what, they make up such a small percentage of it.

My guess is that the world needs all three of them to actually function properly.  So here’s the million dollar question, are you the half full, the half empty, or the where do I get more water if this won’t quench my thirst person?

2 comments on “Is The Glass Half Full or Half Empty?
  1. Jessica says:

    Glass half full kinda girl! Perspective is everything. Thanks for writing and sharing this!

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