Dreaming, Planning, and Executing

Don’t you find it fascinating that there are certain parts of life that really suck?  When we’re children we are so full of energy, and the world is truly your oyster.  Back then and still now a child’s imagination flows in way that a box can be a spaceship, the snow can be made into a cave, or even better yet those action figures really do come to life in their minds.

When you’re a teenager you have the sense of being invincible.  One can stay out and party all night with friends and still make to class the next day.  Do you remember looking at that 16 inch pizza and thinking to yourself…not a problem, I got this.  Or having the metabolism to pound down whatever you wanted and not gain a pound.  And then there was getting injured and bouncing back the next day like it was nothing.

Your college years were a time of self discovery to figure out what you wanted to be.  It also had a little bit of acceptance attached to it if you were wanting to join a fraternity or sorority.  What on earth were people thinking knowing they were going to go through a hazing process?

But now you’ve graduated, and the process of dreaming, planning, and execution begins.  One dreams of getting that wonderful job out of college, so they start to plan by scheduling the interviews, and executing by actually getting the job.  As we progress we take a similar process as we’re moving through the organization, or duplicate that process by moving to another company that can satisfy it.

As we get a little older the thought of beginning a family enters our minds, so guess what we began to dream, plan, and execute again with the search our ideal mate.  Of course some may start earlier than others, but wanting to expand their families and adding children is often the next step.  So guess what, you’re right, we start dreaming, planning, and then executing again.

Now that our little bundle joy has arrived we’re going to need more room than the apartment for two has been providing, so getting a home seems to be the next logical step.  Now that we’ve come to that conclusion, guess what…you’re right, we start dreaming, planning, and then executing again.   Since the family has expanded you can probably guess that the small two door car you’ve been driving is not going to meet your needs now with the little one or ones for that matter, so guess what…you’re right, we start dreaming, planning, and then executing again.

Now that the children are older and the taxi service has begun, depending on what they’re into, you may be traveling in different directions.  And even though you enjoy seeing them play it becomes taxing, tiring, and even burdensome, because your time is no longer your own.

Now let me share the real moral to the story.  That dreaming, planning, and executing stages are the best part of our lives.  It’s attached to hope, the future, and the things we are trying to achieve in our lives.  Once we get caught up or better yet trapped into the doldrums of just dealing with our responsibilities – it SUCKS!  So even though we can get away from those responsibilities there should be a time, places and things that we still dream about, plan about, and focus on executing.

Ask yourself are you a still dreaming, planning, and then executing?  I would love to read your comments on this.

2 comments on “Dreaming, Planning, and Executing
  1. Jessica says:

    I dream, plan, and execute many different things. I dream about retiring in FL with my husband and looking back to these days of raising small boys with clarity. So I journal now so I can read what life was like ‘back in the day’ when I have time to do so. I will likely think my younger self was foolish…to think I knew it all. I just pray I continue to learn with each new day God gives me. Thanks for writing this and sharing the reminder to always look forward to the future.

    • Guy Mann says:

      I want to thank you for not only taking the time to read my blog, but also for taking the time to comment. It’s readers like you that help me feel I am doing something valuable.

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