Pushing GO…Everyday!

The weakest among us can participate in athletics, but only the strongest can survive as spectators.  According to a heart specialists, when you become a sports spectator rather than a participant, the wrong things go up and the wrong things go down.  Body weight, blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol and triglycerides go up.  Vital capacity, oxygen consumption, flexibility, stamina, and strength go down.

The reason I share this information is because of how I’ve become dedicated to my own health and well-being.  My journey from 240 lbs to 197 lbs and a 38 inch waist down to 31.5 inch  waist was a well thought out and paced journey.  My first step was choosing reasons important enough to get healthy in the first place, or called it my WHY.   I had three of them.  The first was for me, and centered around me being a Type II Diabetic.  Did you know if you don’t manage it properly they’ll actually start removing things from your body?  It also can result in blindness, congestive heart failure, and the truly big one…your man parts may not work.  Well none of those outcomes were going to work for me.

The second reason was my family.  I would like to be around for all of the things I have worked so hard for in rearing my children, and being with my lovely wife.  There are still to many milestones my children have not experienced that I’d like not to miss, graduation of high school and college, their own marriages, and of course making me a grandfather some day!

The third reason was my own quality of life as I continue to age.  Now that I’ve gotten down to a much more reasonable weight, I am moving better and have a lot more energy.  I also know that the exercise I’m doing now will help me keep fit in my later years.  As a 56 year old man I can honestly say…I feel like I’m 25.  It feels good to push my machine like I did when I was younger, which in turn has improved my quality of life.  The final outcome will result in the purchase of new clothing because now nothing fits, but that is the price you pay when you get healthy!

My formula was simple, simply burn more than you take in.  We all know that’s the formula, but for some reason most of us refuse to settle on that logic and continue to gain weight.  And instead of dong something we simply accommodate being bigger.   Ever since I committed to PUSHING GO EVERYDAY, I’ve seen and felt such a difference in myself.  What does pushing go mean?  It means you finding your form of workout, eating right, and tracking and measuring your progress.

Here are things I did when I decided to push go every day:

  1. I downloaded and use a fitness Application daily and religiously  (No excuses that it is to hard or inconvenient)
  2. I found the workout I love and do it daily
  3. I found a workout that streams through my computer or iPhone, so it travels with me, and I’m not stuck finding a gym
  4. I burned more than I took in (I reward myself when appropriate)
  5. I altered my thinking and realized a diet is any thing you eat, so I found eating plan to be a better word
  6. I weighed myself everyday to track a plateau or spike in my weight
  7. I developed six different accountability buddies, and we communicate our activity to each other daily
  8. I committed to doing something every day – no matter what
  9. I realized that this has to be a lifestyle, and not stopping when I hit a goal weight

Here are the real questions, are you where you want to be at this stage in your life, and in order to get there are you willing to Push Go Everyday?  If you’re a real man you are!

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