Swimming with the sharks

I recently had the honor of sharing breakfast with a good friend of mine, and our conversation ranged all across the board.  For those of you who don’t know, basically when two dudes get together for a conversation…you just never know where it’s going to go!

The part of the conversation I enjoyed the most was his love for and the relationship he had with his mother.  Based on our conversation you could tell he loved his mother very much, and that she was an important part of his life until the day she passed.  To be honest I love to hear that someone feels deeply about their parents, instead of the opposite of how they often blame them for everything bad in their lives.  It’s as if they feel they have no choice in their lives after they leave the comfort or discomfort of their parent’s homes.  He spoke deeply about her, and I was more than comfortable that he got a little choked up as he spoke about someone so special in his life.  Now that’s a real man if I ever laid eyes one.

The part I found most interesting was when we began to talk about a couple of his siblings.  There were two of them that sounded like the worst people one could ever meet.  Instead of mourning the loss of someone who should have been close to them, they were only concerned with what they were getting from the estate.  Rightfully so,  another sibling and himself were appointed executors of the estate and worked as the go between with the attorneys and those vile people he had to call siblings.  With their interests only being focused on what they’ll get, one can only imagine how difficult it was to work with them.  It went so far…that pictures had to be taken so the sharks wouldn’t just take things from the estate solely for themselves.

When we finally came to the part about whether he should work to bring the family back together I had one question.  If a person doesn’t know they’re drowning what is the point of throwing them a life preserver?  I also wanted to know why did he feel this need to be a hero for a lost cause?  Now I am the first to believe that we should accept people for who and what they are, but I also believe you being in my life is my choice and not a right of passage because we are family.

Those shark siblings are circling and waiting to take advantage of a situation that requires mourning and sensitivity of those who’ve experienced a loss of someone dear to them.  And while the ones that truly care are not focused on the possessions left behind, the sharks do what sharks do – they attack when they see blood!  I feel for my friend having to deal with them, and I hope that at some point he overlooks the fact that they are related by blood, and cuts them loose.  After all, I don’t know anyone who had a choice in choosing their siblings, but I know many who had a choice in choosing their friends, regardless if they were siblings or not.

We’d like to know if you have any of those life sucking, leach oriented sharks in your life, and if so how you’ve handled them as a real man?

2 comments on “Swimming with the sharks
  1. Jess says:

    This sentence hit home hard for me – “ If a person doesn’t know they’re drowning what is the point of throwing them a life preserver?“
    I didn’t like the next sentence “why do you feel the need to be the hero for a lost cause” because it puts the action and meaningful thought processes needed back onto me. It’s my choice what happens next. I’m so appreciative of the way you make me look hard at things going on in my own life. Thank you.

    • Guy Mann says:


      I always welcome your comments to these blogs. I truly try to write about real life issues that people are experiencing or struggling through. It honors me that you find them helpful, and that you take the time to comment.


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