Say what you mean, so you mean what you say!

Why do so many people spend their time talking in circles rather than just getting to the point.  As a listener I find it very difficult to wade through hidden messages, or better yet…trying to understand what you meant to say.  And I find it insulting and irritating when someone says to me, “Well you know what I meant.”  That statement by far is the furthest thing from the truth.  Why? Because I take and respond to the question asked of me rather than attempting to filter through the hidden message within it.

One might say that I am being difficult on purpose, but that’s not the case.  I have found that I do not and will not dedicate any time trying to understand innuendos, or listen to anyone taking the long way around the block to get to a simple point.  Here’s a new idea (not really), say what you mean…so you mean what you say!

How easy would it be for someone to truly communicate their feelings, what they want, or even what they expect of someone else.  Why are people afraid of being open and honest with their message rather than having someone figure it out on their own.  It’s like a dog circling to catch its own tail, it keeps on going but cannot figure out why they can’t catch it.  And when they do, they’re sometimes stupid enough to bite it.

What surprises me the most is when I actually communicate and explain the way I listen.  Now if they truly want me to hear them, I would think that the sender would take the responsibility of altering their delivery.   Instead they continue to send the message in its original circle form, which looses me almost from the time they start speaking.  Why do they loose my attention so quickly you ask?  Because I’m searching for the facts that are buried somewhere deep in this ever flowing mess of unnecessary words that I’m trying to filter through.

For some reason I have not quite figured out why the other person gets upset when I answer to what I’ve heard, or when I ask them to get to the point.  The funny part is they’re generally asking for my help on something, and get insulted when I want to know the part I can help with, rather than hearing the result of the decision that got them to this point in the first place.

Whenever this happens to me I only have one lingering thought on my mind.   I’m on my death bed about to meet my maker, and I’m asking God for a little more time to tell those I love how much I love them.  God responds back and says to me, “My son do you remember all the conversations you listened to and you didn’t ask them to get the point?  And do you remember all the time you spent filtering through hidden messages to find the facts?  Well unfortunately you used the extra time I would have given you to do those things, and I now have to take you.”


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