The Simple Life

As we age we rely on our bodies less and less, because technology has taken the place of many of the things we used to do manually.  An email or text has replaced a hand written letter and/or telephone call.  Cable and satellite television have changed our willingness to get the family together to go to a movie.   Now I love sports, but I honestly can count on one hand how many professional sporting events I’ve attended in the last five years, because my access via sports channels has decreased my desire to brave the traffic, crowds, ticket pricing, and incur the cost of food for a family our size.

Once we fail at our New Year’s Resolution, exercise is practiced by a select few, because the quick fix is easier than doing the work.  And where there is a quick fix you generally have millions of people jumping on the band wagon to give it a try.  I mean come on, you’re telling me that I can lose weight by eating bacon, cheese, eggs, and meat.  We’ll who in the heck would not want to try that if they’re a carnivore.  You see, another quick fix that influences one to not do the work necessary to loose or not gain the weight in the first place.

Finding relationships has evolved from meeting a friend of a friend to completing an on-line profile.  The profile acts as a wish list for match making.  We of course describes ones characteristics, but it also gives you a chance to describe what or who you’d like to match your profile.  Now I’m not suggesting that the science behind it doesn’t make all the sense in the world.  But I bet you were little surprised when you finally met someone and the picture was really of them from 20 years ago.  Hey- you forgot to mention on your profile that you gained 100 pounds, and that full head of hair you used to have is now down the drain.

Even the simple enjoyment of conversations has morphed into emails, messaging or texting.  And oh and how we have destroyed the English language by using letters instead of spelling out an entire word when we’re using those forms of communication.  Once again taking the easy road even in simple forms of communications. Most people would say it’s just more convenient to use the short version of it, that’s until you get a formal piece of communications with those abbreviations in it.  And yes…I’ve seen it live.  The funniest part is watching two people right next to each other, or even in the same room having a conversation on their devices.

Can someone tell me when it became acceptable to begin a sentence with the word, “Like.”  And how is it physically possible to use the word like so many times in one sentence to begin with.  I somehow believe that my vision of seeing those same teenagers as young adults saying, “Like” is going to come true.  Which leads me to my point – I really miss the simple life where we actually did the work.  I’m sure there are many quicker ways to do things, but they should not be at cost of loosing the physical interaction with another human being.  Now I won’t say I haven’t sent an e-card or two in my day, but the ones I take the time to pick out and give personally are priceless!  So do yourself a favor and take the long way sometimes…it’s all about the simple life.




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