The Next Step in the Journey

I had contemplated writing about another topic until my weekend experience with my family.  It was an experience that I truly hope you do not robe yourself of if you are a parent.  My thoughts go all the way back to when we brought the two car seats home with our twins in them.  We of course knew that some day it would happen, but had no idea that them getting ready for college would come so fast.

I think back to when we were planting the seeds of which college we wanted them to attend early on.  It was a simple process of simply buying them gear from that university in hopes they would buy into the university’s brand.  And believe me we invested a chunk of change into it trying to sway that decision.   For awhile we could see them get excited about the sporting events connected to their passions, and we had several opportunities to visit the campus.  What we didn’t think about was that the recruiting process is something very special, and  that every young adult should have the opportunity to experience it!

I had the pleasure of taking my twin son to his first official visit, and boy was it nice to hear how they had scouted him on the baseball field.  What I loved most was hearing how little they talked about the game itself, but how they focus on what happens outside of the white lines of the field.  Those coaches were interested in helping him build his character, be a steward to others, develop good study habits, and how to be a good teammate on and off the field.  They were clear that what happens on the field should happen on the field, so what separates their program from others is the extra work they do off of it.

I was impressed with the way he handled himself, and it was a true reflection of the work we had poured into him over the years.  What I know now is, what ever college may get him, they will be lucky to have him.

After our Chicago trip we loaded up again to head to Wisconsin.  The soccer coach met us at the gate that surrounded all of their sport facilities, and it too was an impressive campus.  The tour of the campus was really nice, but the best part was having the recruiting talk in the head coach’s office.  He also shared all of the scouting they did while seeing  my daughter play at different tournaments throughout the year.

The coach offered her a roster spot right then and there, and further talked about seeing her as a valuable part of the team next year.  It was really exciting to sit back and watch the recruiting process, but even more so watching the reaction of our children hearing the accolades being given to them on their athletic abilities.  And even though my my son got to meet with the baseball coach too, neither one of them really connected with the campus or the coaches.

The moral of the story is to take those college trips as a family together, because the next step in the journey for them…should not be faced alone.  Oh, and you get to see their faces light up when they’ve found the right college fit for themselves!

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  1. Ricky Farr says:

    It’s really great to hear about your experience. My parents weren’t involved in my college process at all. I believe that they let their insecurities cloud the fact that I would’ve love the support. Oh well, that’s life I guess.

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