Should Have, Could Have…Would Have!

Don’t you find it interesting how long you’ll stay in a relationship – even if it is toxic? It kind of makes you wonder what hold or power this person has over you, or better yet what gap in your life allows them to keep that control. And then you find yourself over and over again doing and agreeing to things that you know are wrong. The wake-up call generally comes when the last part of yourself is given to the relationship…and nothing is given in return.

The strength to see that you’re being manipulated is often lost in your need to fulfill something missing in your own life. However the manipulator can clearly see the hole in your game, and uses that against you to get what they want out of you. The sad part is, if you were to look at the balance of giving – I bet it’s around you giving 90-95%, and you’re stuck with getting about 5-10% in return. Now I’m no math major, but that does not seem to be equal to me on any level.

Here’s a little more information to hopefully help you see the foolishness of maintaining that toxic relationship. Your so called friend knows you suffer from the, “Should Have, Could Have, Would Have blues.” That is point when you find yourself not giving enough because they keep asking for more. And instead of you finding the strength to say no…you justify a way to actually give more…and say I Should Have, Could Have, or Would have given more.

This year rid yourself of all that is toxic, and surround yourself with people who value you and what you give. But first and foremost partner yourself with people who will give back to you.

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