The Little Things

With one fully out the of the house, two preparing to transition to college, and the last one being 8…you’d think we’d be looking forward to becoming empty nesters. Instead it is causing us to really look back at when they were small, and us measuring the work we’ve put in to help them grow into the adults they’ve become and are becoming.

We are very excited for and about all of children, as well as the mark and impact they may make in this society. But when you go back to the beginning it all centered around the work we did together. Each child required a different level of investment from the two of us. We knew that rearing a boy would be different than a girl, and also that times change – so each of them required a little something different from us as the times changed.

When our eight year old slipped into bed with us the other night and drifted back out quickly. I found myself just starring at him, and being thankful for this little miracle from God. That moment also took me back to all of the times our other children had done the same thing. As much as we fought it over the years, that closeness and bond built with them showed us just how close we really are them and them to us.

Little things like that from the beginning have helped us stay close to our children, and them close to us. Believe it or not, we still enjoy sharing dinner together about six times per-week with no forms of technology present. That of course is when the travel and sports schedule allows it. The best part is that they still look forward to sharing that time with us and their grandparents. We are so happy that we’ve gotten to embrace the little with them…and after all maybe being an empty nester is not all it is cracked up to be. Enjoy the little things!

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