The Wake-up Call

While traveling home during mid December, I was enjoying yet another conversation with my wife on the commute home from work. I was approaching another green light, and the traffic was flowing smoothly. Regardless of the speed limit I like to keep a nice distance between myself and the car in front of me, because you just never know what the car in front of them is going to do. Which leaves me plenty of time for breaking if ever needed!

Well guest what? The car in front of me was being piloted by a senior citizen who confused his brake for the gas pedal. Even though I had allowed enough braking room, I had turned my head for what felt like 2-3 seconds – and WHAM I had rear ended him. As I remember the situation in my own car, my airbag deployed, and boy was I thankful that my seat-belt locked and held me in place. That action caused the airbag to barely graze my face, but still save me from any injury from the accident itself. And of course that car in turn hit the car in front of them, and yes…there was a three car accident on the street. The hardest part was my wife was on the phone with me when the accident happened, and scared to death not quite knowing if I was okay or not! Did I mention the car was totaled…but that’s a blog for another time.

As we all exited our cars to exchange information, the cars around us were rudely honking their horns as if that somehow was going to magically lift our cars out of the traffic flow. We did eventually move our cars to a parking lot across the street to finish the process. The insurance process is never easy, but I have to admit I have to give Nationwide some kudos for how easy they made the process for me.

After it all wrapped-up, it caused me to really do some thinking. Now I don’t consider being in a accident going 40 miles per-hour to be a near death experience, but it did cause me to reevaluate some things. It taught me to really appreciate the people and some things in my life. It caused me to focus on setting some goals with my wife and children, and not New Year’s resolutions that would likely be broken. As much as I’d like to go back to that moment and not turn my head for those 2-3 seconds, I am really happy that it gave me the chance to become more aware, and to again acknowledge some of the most important people and things in my life. What will your wake-up call be?

2 comments on “The Wake-up Call
  1. Jess says:

    Best (funniest) line – as if that somehow was going to magically lift our cars out of the traffic flow.
    Glad you’re okay Guy and turned something negative into a positive!

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