Commitment to Self…

I’ve often wondered why most people find it easier to keep the commitments they make to others easier than the ones they make to themselves. The New Year’s Resolutions we make are a good example of that behavior. Did you know that most resolutions are broken or given up on right about this time of year? Yes, three to four weeks is all it takes to stop working out, give up on the dieting and weight loss, and likely most if not all that one has committed to change.

Unlike others I consider myself to be very disciplined, and when I commit to something…I am going tot find a way to get it done. Here are a listing of my 2019 goals and WHY:

Be a much better listener – If you truly hear what the other person is saying I provide them the honor and respect they deserve in our conversations.

Be aware of my tone – We are habitual creatures and we some times engage in mouth long before we engage in brain. So our responses are often conditioned without us even knowing it. Unfortunately sometimes others responses are initiated by those conditional tones and responses.

Work to understand the kids better – They are not teenagers, but the young adults we raised them to be. So I must treat them as such, and not like they are still in need of strong direction, but strong coaching instead.

Knock it out at work – They brought me a aboard for a reason. Work to meet if not exceed those expectations on every project.

Reduce if not eliminate my alcohol consumption – I am type-2 diabetic and I don’t need the empty calories, not to mention it thwarts my workout efforts.

Be in the best physical shape possible – You only get one body, treat it well, and it will take good care of you in return.

Find and outlet to relax more – The job is only meant to do during work hours, so I now leave it where it belongs. Writing Real Mann has become an effective way for me to relax.

Give my wife more space – Her individual growth is equally important as our collective growth.

Have a better relationship with one my wife’s brothers – Our differences could add value to each others lives…so why not.

How successful have you been in keeping the commitments you’ve made to yourself in the new year? If you’ve slacked off and not kept your commitment to self, revisit those goals or resolutions and start at square one. But this time don’t stop!

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