How Lazy Will We Get?

With the American family slowly disintegrating more and more through the increasing use of technology, I have to admit I thought I had seen it all. One of the things I truly enjoyed growing up and still share with my family today, is sharing dinners together. It is not only a time to enjoy the sharing of good home cooked meal, it’s also a time for getting caught up and sharing our experiences of the day.

We now shop online instead of going to a department store. We buy groceries and have them delivered. We indulge in crazy diets instead of exercising. We play video games virtually instead of traveling to an arcade. I think you get my point! We have become a world of replacing activity with a few simple key strokes to do what needs to get done.

Like many people I too am one to enjoy the convenience of a fast food meal when time is of the essence. However, I am more than willing to conduct my business through the drive-thru, or sit down and enjoy sharing that meal with one or all of my family. We as a family wanted to make sure if were going to eat the food we would still share a sense of family while doing so. That a least makes the decision to do so work for us.

But then I saw the commercial where you can actually have the fast food delivered to your home. All I could think about was the more inactivity it causes for those who take advantage of it! At least a college student would have to go through the actions of walking to the restaurant or to their car to get there. A family would have to at least formulate a plan to get the family together to make the trek to the restaurant. The boy and girlfriend would at least have to get out of their dorm room or apartment to walk or travel there.

Now all one has to do is pick up their mobile device to order delivery on it, and take all the physical activity out of the process. What are we becoming…noting more than the laziest generation in all societies. The fast food industry is a multi-trillion dollar industry, and of course the more you serve the more you make. Even though sit down restaurants still do well, the invention of the drive-thru revolutionized the industry, because you could service people on the go. With home delivery – now people don’t even have to go.

Even though I’ll never and I mean never have fast food delivered to my home, for the simple fact I enjoy sharing meal time with my family. I could not see that replacing the joy I get out of preparing meals in our home. I am now waiting for the commercial where they actually come to your home and wipe your butt after taking a poop. Maybe the person that delivers the fast food to my home could spare a few extra minutes for a better tip to perform that duty for me!

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