Using Your Circle of Five…

One of the many things I like about my circle of five is the trust we’ve built for each other over the years. As a result of that trust we can have real conversations about life, love, happiness, leadership, disappointment, and just people and events overall. It’s also nice to clarify one’s thinking with someone who may share a similar point of view, or one that is vastly different from yours.

One of the best thing I get from them is the strong sense of accountability we share for each other. Who better to share with you that your on the right path on something…or that you’re just completely full of shit in your thinking. Since most people choose to only build their circle of five with others like themselves, they never get to truly enjoy the value of a different perspective. Instead they get to revel in the fact of getting their thinking backed by someone who only shares the same viewpoint.

Again, I’m happy to say that my circle of five only share foundations for the love of our families, a passion for succeeding and leadership, how we treat our bodies, and how we communicate. On the other hand we do not share religious views nor the same faith, we are all from different upbringing and cultures, and none of us do anything similar to the others. And other than knowing of each other other only a few of them have ever met. So you can believe me when I say…they do hold me accountable!

I have loved that my circle of five has for the most part stayed in tact after all of these years. But I am smart enough to know that I’ll loose one or two of them along the way at some point. Whether it is due to death or the relationship has simply run it’s course – it will happen. Not that I’m interviewing or on-the-lookout for replacements, one has to beware that an opening will exist on day for me or them. Here’s the $1 million dollar question, do you have a circle of five you can count on, and how well do you take care of them?

My conversations with each of them is anything from soup to nuts unless there is a specific problem or situation that needs to be addressed. What I like most about the conversations is the sheer honesty during them. We hold nothing back, nor do we feel there is need to soften a blow when it needs to be taken. Those kind of friendships are worth their weight in gold, and worth every penny of the investment.

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