The Facebook Lie!

Not being a Facebook person myself, I cannot argue with the thinking behind it. What a cool application to build a private network to share information with those closet to you. See how they’ve grown-up, where they went to college, and other things including sharing your current relationship status. Now I can’t argue with any of that.

In addition to it’s original purpose, what it has turned into is where the vain live. I truly could give two shits about how many likes you have, or if you want to share your work-out schedule. And I’m not sure why you think we’re interested in your tough Tuesday, or your work-out Wednesday. You then take it a step further and show us your before and after photos…just how vain are you? Here’s and idea, why don’t we use it for what it was meant for. I believe it was about our ever changing societies moving from land lines, to cellular, to the internet, to applications that connected us in a similar fashion.

Instead what we’ve got are personal posting of crap you would not dare to share with others on the telephone. By the way, no one really cares who you workout with, the workout you’re doing, where you ate lunch or where you vacationed to- especially when those who know you deepest know you are inwardly miserable, or can’t afford your vacation. Keep your network private and show it to those who care…and I am not one of them!

One comment on “The Facebook Lie!
  1. Mike Carter says:

    Damn Big Daddy. You hit the nail on the head my brother. I totally agree with you. Keep up the good work.

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