A Modern Day…Sodom and Gomorrah!

I have gotten the chance to travel quite extensively throughout my lifetime, and as a result of that travel I’ve visited some really cool places. College sports took me to many states across the United States, the military added some out of country trips, and my career keeps adding to the vast lists of places I have been fortunate enough to visit.

My most recent business trip took me back to Las Vegas. All I can say is, “What a town!” During my first trip my workload kept me from really seeing it, because everything was conveniently encased in the hotel. So there was no real reason to leave unless it was much later in the evening. However, on this trip…there was a lot of down time in between the times I was required to actually work.

The hotel room was awesome to say the least, and other work related responsibilities kept me busy until the evening. But the nights were free. I decided to venture out to see what really made this town so attractive to so many people to live or vacation. My numerous conversations with cab and Uber drivers gave me some insight on why they moved to such an affordable town, or what type of living they were escaping from when they decided to move to sin-city. They also said that the Vegas suburbs are much like those around the United states, but the strip is where all of the action is.

I of course had to take a trip to Fremont Street to check out the old strip. What did I see other than vacationers, gambling upon more gambling. It was everywhere, the stores, hotels, and restaurants just to name a few places. And the casinos were smart enough to keep serving free alcohol to those willing to risk their life savings on a bet! I was a bit surprised at seeing all the Cannabis Superstore signs up on the taxi cabs but even more surprised at the smell of marijuana as I walked up and down the streets. Such a sad society.

The residents of the strip were either a sideshow attempting to extort money from the crowds, or the scantly clad ladies with thongs running up their butts were interesting too. The number of female escorts working the night was a fascinating sight was well. But the thing I found most interesting was the street performer with the sign kick me in the balls for money. What a talent! And I of wondered two things, and to things alone 1) Why did it not hurt? 2) At what point did you wake up and decide on that as a career decision?

I would guess as God looks down on Vegas, He must wonder how this town could have become what is has become. I’m guessing that He also wonders how could I have made man the highest being that walks the face of the earth if this is what they’ve turned into. If there ever was a city that needs to start over…I would say it needs to be that one.

For those of you looking to make Vegas a vacation spot, I would strongly suggest you take it to the outskirts of the strip. And yes everyone should see it so you can appreciate what you have that much more. I’m happy that sin-city is but a small cross-section of our society, and that it does not represent the America I’m so proud of. But it’s Sodom and Gomorrah look and feel truly tells you how low people will sink for money.

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